NCPCOW Principles of Belief 
1 And it harm none, do what you will.
2 The 3-fold law: What we do will be returned to us.
3 We practice rites to attune us with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of moon and cycles of the sun.
4 We seek to live in harmony with nature.
5 We connect to divinity through the polarity of God and Goddess.
6 We view the universe as consisting of complementary forces of light and dark.
7 Many paths are valid. We acknowledge the validity of all life affirming religions.
8 We believe in the authority of the individual to craft his or her own path.
9 Wicca is a religion that embraces magic.
10 The affirmation and fulfillment of life gives meaning to the universe.
11 We believe in the principle of reincarnation.
12 Wicca is a modern religion with a philosophical lineage based in historical theology.
13 We believe that Divinity combines in many different ways and have a commitment to the LGBTQ community.

Rev Robin Deal
High Priestess

Robin started down the Wiccan path as a solitary practitioner in the mid nineties. She met NCPCOW over decade later and was never solitary again. She started her year and a day training to be a priestess with the church in 2015, and in 2016 she formally join the ranks of the clergy.

Rev Shawn Whitney
High Priest
Shawn has been involved in Wicca since 1999, first as a solitary practitioner. He joined NCPCOW in 2001, and went on to serve first as a deacon, later as a priest, and finally as HIgh Priest.  In addition to his service as clergy he has also served on the church council. He is a former chancellor of the organization, and has also held the office of treasurer.

Rev Michele Whitney
High Priestess Emeritus

Michele found the pagan path in 1998 and was a solitary practitioner until joining NCPCOW in 2001. In 2003 she became High Priestess, serving in that capacity for 8 years. Her path is eclectic drawing from many mythos as needed among them Finnish; Greek, and Egyptian. Michele has a current affinity with Inanna of the Sumerian pantheon. Known as the Queen of Heaven and Earth, she is the one who goes to the underworld in the Decent of the Goddess

Rev Donald Ervin
Don has been a part of the Pagan community since 1990. A Celtic Pagan and Druid, Don started his pagan spiritual journey in Wicca. Coming from a Scottish family background, his ancestral ties were the motivating factor for choosing a Celtic Pagan path. Don is a member of The Henge of Keltria and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, both of which are international Druid orders, and has his own local Celtic/Druid group known as “Sylvan Fellowship” and “Order of the Sylvan Oak”. He is looked to as a teacher and leader on several internet Druid groups as well as in our local community. Over the last several years, Don has returned somewhat to his Wiccan roots and has filled an active role within the North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca. Don is an active member of the clergy counseling program; has performed wedding ceremonies and has also led public rituals for the Church.
Rev Melanie Gilbreath
Melanie has been a practicing witch for eleven years and a Wiccan for five. She is a devotee of Minerva, Roman goddess of Goddess of learning, the arts, spinning and weaving, (among other things) and Mercury, Roman god of travelers, trades and commerce (among other things). Melanie travels for her job and in her free time engages in several types of textile crafts. Recently, she has started a study of Hoodoo, a uniquely American tradition incorporating African, Native American, and European folk magic. She also studies the religion of ancient Rome and Italian folk magic.
Rev Drew Mellon
Drew finds his spirituality in nature. Drew is a devotee and a priest of Pan. In addition to being a priest with NCPCOW, he is the shepherd and a founder of Panoleptos, a founder and priest of Misfit Sanctuary, as well as a dedicant in the mysteries of ophiolotry. Drew is an advocate for the conservation of Eastern Box Turtles: promoting them in society, helping them cross roadways, as well as turtle rescue. Drew is married to his lovely wife Sarah, and the couple has two daughters, Aloe and Echo.

Rev Eric Blankenship

Eric is a longtime member of NCPCOW. He has a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and served 9 years in the U.S. Navy. He grew up In Boiling Springs NC and is now a priest of NCPCOW. An avid reader, he is a fan of Tolkien, Robert E. Howard and Zelazny.
Rev Tony Brown
High Priest Emeritus
Tony is proud to have been a founding member of NCPCOW. He has been an Eclectic Wiccan for about twenty years, and has served as clergy for the last dozen or so of those. Tony is a devotee of Dionysos, the Greek God of rebirth, transformation, tragedy, comedy, unresolved paradox and wine.
Rev Sarah Mellon
High Priestess Emeritus
Sarah's spiritual beliefs have her serving many different groups. Besides being NCPCOW's High Priestess, she is a Panelissa and the apiarist for Panoleptos, a priestess with Misfit Sanctuary, and a flamekeeper. Sarah enjoys working with fibers, charming bees, tending livestock and crops, and spending time with and caring for her family--all of which feeds her spirituality and honors her deities.